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5872 San Juan Ave. Jacksonville, FL •

(904) 693-9258

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  • Sliders ★ Poor 1 out of 5

    2012-09-17 17:48:40

    I don't normally write reviews but i had such as AWFUL experience with this place, that i have made it my personal mission to tell any and everyone about it.

    I visited this location for the first time recently. I called before leaving work (approx 5:08pm) for a carry-out order, and was told it would take 15 minutes. I arrived at approx 5:30pm and was told "oh, it's not ready... give it a few more minutes". No problem...

    While i was waiting, i had the pleasant experience of the cook/servers behind the counter cursing, singing, dancing, etc etc (the place is NOT large at all). Ok... it was friday... they were happy... whatever. This isn't even my problem with this place!

    5:45pm... still waiting. I get up to ask if I could at least PAY for my food so I could just leave as soon as it's ready. To this I received a reply of "they have your ticket in the back, so no i can't do that"... whatever that means...

    5:55pm... still waiting. I have plenty of patience.. but this was pushing it! i get up again to inquire about my order. When i get to the counter, the cook shouts "YES??" i ask - "is it at least ALMOST ready?". He ask what my name was, i told him, he proudly states "oh, your food is sitting right there"... O_o

    WHAT?!? i give him the most disgusted look i could muster up. His solution for my trouble? "Let me give you some extra sauce..."

    THEN as i left, i hear the cook and a co-worker talking about me and laughing...

    It was my CHOICE to spend my hard earned money at this location... and it is a CHOICE i regret! i will NEVER, EVER AGAIN step foot into this location and it is my mission to stop as many people as possible from going here.

    i don't care if the food taste like gold, with a side of diamonds. An experience like that will truly disgust you...

    How rude!!

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